Get Famous: Submit a Nit

[NOTE: (2010-06-27) Our video editor is on maternity leave. This will slow down our production schedule a bit! ;-)]

We love the nitpicking! And we’d love to hear from you! We’ll even give you credit on the title page of the nitclip if we use your nit.

Here’s how it works:

Use the form below to submit your nit. As you can see, we’ll need your name, email address and information about the nit. If you have a possible title or funny punch line, send those along as well. We will do our best to give credit to the first person who submits the nit. (Although… if someone submits a large number of nits, we may choose to spread the love around.)

We do not need you to send us the actual video. We have a process in place to create the video for the nitclips that does not break the copy protection on DVDs. We have made our best effort to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Also, given the short length of the nitclips and the undeniable fact that the voice-overs constitute commentary and critique, we believe that this site qualifies as “fair use” under copyright law

You should also be aware that our production schedule normally runs five to six weeks. (We usually are working well in advance of the actual publishing date.) So… it might take us a while to record and publish your nit.

Now for the legalese: All submissions become the property of Phil Farrand and may or may not be acknowledged. By submitting a nit, you grant me the right to use your name in any future publication by me.

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